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My Web Programmer $25 - $49

My Web Programmer is a US Atlanta-based digital agency specializing in the development of custom software, web, mobile, and enterprise applications. We develop results-driven custom website design, web applications and custom software, tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients so that our products can generate extra value for them and improving their overall business outcomes. We..

  • Founded : 2008
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 678.841.8442
(11 Reviews)

TopRight $200 - $300

TopRight is a marketing and consulting services firm in Atlanta, USA, that is transforming the marketing solutions to make them more in line with the clients' interests and requirements. It was founded in 2006 by consultants from top management consulting firms (McKinsey, Booz & Company, CSC Index), former Chief Marketing Officers and senior practitioners in sales, marketing, and applied..

  • Founded : 2006
  • Employees: 10-49
  • +1 678-384-6700
(23 Reviews)

Tailfin N/A

We’re Tailfin. An agency designed to steer, propel and basically make your brand soar. A creative, branding powerhouse hidden in the heart of a cool historic neighborhood. We’re made up of big thinkers , tiny egos and huge ideas that will make you stop and say “wooooaaaah momma!”. We’re smallish and nimble – like a badass ninja without the creepy mask. We’ve earned our..

  • Founded : 1999
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.872.9798

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency $100 - $149

Thrive is a growing web marketing agency with a passion for helping your business grow and succeed online. With a strategically designed website and effective online marketing strategy, you'll see leads from your website grow and improve in quality. We're experts in the industry, so we work with you to tailor your website and strategy to your specific business and industry. Our values..

  • Founded : 2005
  • Employees: 50-249
  • +1 817-642-9686

Matchstic $150 - $199

Matchstic is a brand identity house, founded in Atlanta, GA back in 2003. Operating at the intersection of art and commerce, we solve complex problems through strategy, creative thinking and smart design. Our goal is to help you uncover the ideas and emotions that drive your business—the reason you get up every morning and go to work. This passion fuels better thinking,..

  • Founded : 2003
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.446.1511

Definition 6 $100 - $149

Definition 6 is a digital marketing agency that creates digital and video content for every medium. Whether it’s digital or broadcast, social or mobile, TV or radio, we have the ability to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. We create, curate, distribute, and amplify content that connects with your audience everywhere. To deliver on that promise, we create and..

  • Founded : 1998
  • Employees: 50-249
  • 404.870.0323

Vert $50 - $99

Vert is an award-winningly creative and mind-bogglingly innovative digital advertising and marketing agency. Through our full-service offerings, Vert makes sense of the ever-changing social & mobile landscape, developing scalable, sound marketing campaigns that drive value by engaging consumers on the platforms they spend time with every day. We connect brands with consumers and we do it in a..

  • Founded : 2008
  • Employees: 50-249
  • 866.275.7555

Dragon Army $150 - $199

We strive to be the best mobile partner in the world. We believe that mobile represents the best chance to build a true relationship with your customer. All the promises that marketing has made over the years are now possible with mobile, which is why we dedicate every ounce of our efforts to be laser-focused in the space. We don't mess around with anything else... we build rewarding..

  • Founded : 2013
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 1.404.890.0279

Brain Bytes Creative $150 - $199

Brain Bytes Creative is many things. A cutting-edge web development firm. A savvy digital marketing agency. A custom app developer for smartphones, tablets and the web. Superior customer service, creativity, skill, and technical ability are the cornerstones of what makes our company the best at what we do. Tell us your business’s marketing needs and we can rock it out! 

  • Founded : 2011
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 855.633.3929

Swarm Agency $100 - $149

Swarm is a data-driven, conversion focused digital marketing agency awarded AiMA 2013 Most Effective Online Brand Awareness for client, Aaron's, which has proven expertise in helping clients achieve and surpass their conversion goals and business objectives. With a roster of regional, national and global clients, Swarm’s innovative process creates long-term models of growth through a harmonious..

  • Founded : 2009
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.334.7030

SOFTEL Communications $150 - $199

Unified Communications and Contact Centers, with special emphasis on multi-vendor, multi-platform environments. SOFTEL Communications helps customers world-wide make money! We focus on integrating technology tools to enable your business to be more profitable, generate more sales, be more agile and competitive, provide superior customer experiences, create a more productive workforce, and control..

  • Founded : 1993
  • Employees: 50-249
  • 770.613.5313

Armedia $150 - $199

Armedia is an award winning employee-owned company founded in 2002 with the vision of filling a services role in the expanding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space. We specialize in Alfresco, Drupal, EMC Documentum, Captiva InputAccel, Microsoft SharePoint and solutions. Armedia is an Veteran Owned, 8(a)/SDB certified (Minority Owned) technology firm with multiple government contract..

  • Founded : 2002
  • Employees: 50-249
  • 866.398.0323

Sideways8 Interactive $100 - $149

Marketing is storytelling. We help organizations tell their story in the digital space. Designing, building, and launching custom-designed websites is our specialty. We also build custom plugins and provide monthly support and Search Engine Optimization for our clients.

  • Founded : 2010
  • Employees: 2-9
  • 678.500.9901

Cardinal Web Solutions $100 - $149

Cardinal Web Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency focused on Multi-Location clients that ignites growth through expertly crafted marketing strategies. Our belief in strategy before tactics has garnered us the Inc 5000 rank of 831st Fastest Growing Company in the United States. Our team of digital marketers is passionate about innovation and ongoing education to the extent that you will find..

  • Founded : 2009
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.585.2096

Syrup $50 - $99

A marketing consultant and web design firm based in Atlanta Georgia and a Infusionsoft Certified Partner that focuses on helping small businesses for them to grow. A creative team that driven by meaningful results that aim systematic approach to branding and marketing that gives you needed focus, confidence and accelerated growth. 

  • Founded : 2003
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.576.4999

AirTight Design $100 - $149

AirTight Design is an Atlanta web design company providing Internet consulting services and web development for small and large companies in metro Atlanta. If your company is in metro Atlanta and you seek web design services, consider doing business with an Atlanta web design company like AirTight Design. Hiring a local Atlanta web design firm allows you to meet frequently, build a more trusting..

  • Founded : 2001
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.524.2621

Arke $150 - $199

Interesting Projects: Microsoft & Sitecore - Hired Arke to build the next generation marketing showcase for the Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) based on Sitecore 8, MSCRM, SharePoint. Sitecore - We have developed a module that enables any site regardless of technology platform to be immediately manageable by Sitecore.  We sold this module to Sitecore in 2014 and it is now the..

  • Founded : 2005
  • Employees: 50-249
  •  404.812.3123

Phase 3 $100 - $149

Founded in 2001, with offices in Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Dallas and Nashville, Phase 3 Marketing and Communications is a leading provider of marketing services and solutions from IDEATION to EXECUTION to corporations throughout the United States. Phase 3 is an innovation collective offering six Centers of Excellence: Branding, Marketing, Digital, Public Relations, Print, Marketing..

  • Founded : 1997
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.523.2606

Fitzgerald & CO $150 - $199

Everyone at Fitzgerald & CO is bound by an unwavering belief that our clients’ success, and ours, requires intelligent thinking and unexpected thinking. Not one or the other, but both – no matter the product or service, no matter the target audience or medium. So we’ve surrounded ourselves with thoughtfully bold people and filled our roster with like-minded clients, all connected by..

  • Founded : 1983
  • Employees: 50-249
  • 404.504.6900

LYFE Marketing $100 - $149

LYFE Marketing is a social media marketing agency .We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business. Our company manages social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on your behalf. We help businesses of all sizes with social media. We use the most relevant social media marketing strategies to help businesses grow and meet goals. Create your own..

  • Founded : 2011
  • Employees: 10-49
  • 404.596.7925

WhatCounts $100 - $149

We partner with you to drive more revenue by leveraging our savvy people and a sophisticated email marketing platform.

  • Employees: 50-249
  • 404.995.8600

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