TopAgency Releases The List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine

TopAgency Releases The List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine

Jul 28, 2017

Singapore - July 28, 2017: TopAgency announces the results of its research on top companies in Ukraine that are offering mobile app development services, for the year 2017. The research was conducted on the basis of various standards that evaluate a company's overall reliability, quality of services, and the ability to develop customized apps for complex requirements.

To evaluate companies on these criteria, the analysts have studied the parameters like the market presence of the company, pricing policies, client retention rates, technical expertise, platforms supported, industries worked on, customer reviews, industry awards, and prominence in the app market.

The companies, which are ranked in this recommended list, are found to have sound legal and financial stand in the market, ideal customer satisfaction, client retention, and repeat business rates, in a detailed research that evaluated the trustworthiness of their services.

After studying the client reviews of each of these companies, and matching that with their portfolio, the team of analysts has affirmed that the chosen companies are adept at developing innovative yet user-friendly apps that perform without any friction. To assert to this claim, a chosen few apps of the companies too were analyzed by the experts of TopAgency who approved only the apps that have ideal User Experience, with intuitive interface, and seamless functionality.

MLSDev is the first mobile app and web app development company in Ukraine, with dedicated services for mobile development. Headquartered in Vinnytsia, the company was founded in the year 2009. Since then, the client base of the company has bloomed remarkably, and now covers over 4 continents with 170 clients. The company has a great reputation in the market and has clients among the big brands like ESPN, Danone, McDonald's, Panasonic, Comfy, Alpine, Chored, EdgeRift, etc.

Though the great market goodwill is a significant reason for the top ranking of the firm, its work process, too, has played an important role in its selection. The teams at MLSDev have refined their approach to solving projects that ensure minimum risks, efficient use of resources, and quicker turnaround time. This refined work approach involves customized services of business analysis, mobile and web design, MVP development, and handling ongoing development. Additional services offered by the company are technical research or proof of concept, load testing of apps, IoT hardware prototyping, and software development.

The chief apps developed by the company are GeoTourist, Yummi, GoGibbon, ReVistor, ArtStation, GoPuff, and McDonald’s Baltics.

Founded in 2009, Appus Studio is a dedicated mobile app development company headquartered in Kharkiv Ukraine. The company has earned distinct reputation in the app market in Ukraine by developing popular apps like Wishmob, Car Alarm, Remote Cam, and aCam. Other prominent apps developed by the company include tool apps like FERs, Ugogo, WordFinder, and LoveCam.

With an amazing range of prominent mobile apps in its portfolio, the company has built a large client base that includes names like ESPN, Alligator Apps, EssentialApps LTD, iThinkdiff, Inspiring Apps, and Unified Grocers. Evidently, the team at the company is capable of, and has already developed, apps for a variety of industries ranging from utilities and retail to education and business services.

Other than mobile app development for Android and iOS, the company is offering app development services for web, tablets, and smart watches. Other services provided by the company include UI/UX design, app prototyping, app testing, web designing and development, and app development for wearables.

Rozdoum is a full-scale software development company with a devoted work force of 30+ experts who all work together in a dedicated work space in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It was founded in the year 2004 and this makes its team one of the most experienced in the country.

The company offers its clients full-cycle services for mobile app development, web development, and enterprise software development, as well as Quality Assurance, and technical consulting services to startups, which can help them to establish a robust digital presence, essential for the growth of any business in present time.

Big names like Atlassian, Gentleware, IBN, iDalko, Exclusive One, Performance Canvas, Streak, University of Konstanz, and CEEOA formulate a significant part of the client base of the company that is spread across the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Spain, and Germany. Clients from all over are appreciative of the company's performance, their efficiency in handling projects, and their expertise in several different technologies.

Teamvoy is a development and IT Consultant firm with specialization in web and native app development (Android and iOS.) Founded in 2013, the company has its headquarters in the largest city of the western Ukraine, Lviv. In its team, the development company has lead engineers with over a decade of experience in the field of the web and mobile app development, making them savvy with the technology and proficient in handling the development process.

The client base of the company is spread throughout the globe and includes names like Ever Block, Bitspark, Senstone, nabonnet, wedspire, Asphalte, Placeful, Setipe, Groupenvy, Free Finder, and Faria Systems. The clients of the company appreciate their deep understanding in handling projects, especially their flexible work approach that enables evident smooth functioning even for offshore projects.

The long experience of the company, added with the far range of industries served by it, has inculcated them with great knowledge of both technology and business. The team often comes up with brilliant ideas that help its clients in achieving their aim all the more efficiently.

Open Geeks Lab was founded in the year 2014 with an aim of introducing their clients to a new world of mobile-friendly website and mobile app development. With its headquarters in Zaporizhia, the company is offering services in the web and mobile app development to its clients in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

The development team has proven its skills by producing successful results for over fifty projects that they have taken in the short span of three years. Some of the prominent apps developed by the company are native iOS and android app for Magra (health and lifestyle app,) theCHIVE, Physician Attendant, SnappTrader, and an amazing traveling app Teleporter. At present, the team is offering development services in the app development for Android, iOS - iPad, iOS – iPhone, and wearables like Google Glasses and Apple Watch, while using core technologies like Python, PHP, Laravel, Symphony, JavaScript, and Python.

The clients of the firm commend its experts for their deep knowledge in technology and their understanding of handling complex projects.

Devlight is a digital agency based out of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Founded in 2014, the company offers specialized services for full-cycle software development. mobile development, UI/UX designing, and QA. The company offers customized solutions encompassing the whole development cycle. One can hire their technical expertise for successful execution of the whole project or for any of the specific development phase like conceptualization of the app's foundation, development, or the post-launch support and maintenance.

The company uses multi-disciplinary technologies like Swift, Objective C, Java, and time-proven techniques for handling their projects with utmost efficiency. With this tech-powered approach, the company has grown its client base to cover USA, Japan, Germany, Ukraine, and China.

The chief clients of the company are Nova Poshta, Uplata, and Movinga, DroidBox, all well-known companies from eastern Europe. Nova Poshta, P2P Exchange, Movinga, are few of the prominent mobile apps from the portfolio of the company.

Mobiwolf is a specialized mobile app development company offering development services for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. The company was founded in 2010 with HQ in the capital city, Kiev. The team has a great team of field experts in Linux, Java, Android studio (IDE), Xamarin, Swift, PHP Objective-C, C#, JavaScript, Java, Zend, WordPress, Symfony, Spring MVC, .NET, CakePHP.

The company's client base is spread across 21 countries including the USA, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, and Switzerland. The regular clients of the company appreciate the team's dedication towards their work, which is a significant review considering the client was offshore and there was evident time-zone difference. Other than this, the clients also commend the company's technical expertise in the variety of technology they're using for their development services.

Having delivered over a hundred and eighteen projects in a variety of industries, specifically transportation, media, information technology, health care, gaming, financial services, education, business services, entertainment, advertising, & marketing, the team has earned a rather distinct and trusting reputation in the industry. Some of the prominent apps from the brimming portfolio of the country are iKeyFinder, Insulin Bolus Calculator, MyMune, BuzzShow, EasyDizi, Digitsole, WhizKid, Life360 Family Locator, RIPNav, Money Calculator, and Smart Tours.

With its headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine, UpTech Team was founded in 2015 as a development company offering specialized services in the fields of web development, native mobile app development, and chatbots. Within a short span of two years, the company has earned a remarkable goodwill in the market for its iOS and Android development services. The happy clients of the company are appreciative of their flexible work approach, attention to the UI/UX of the project, depth of experience, and clear passion for their work. The clients often commend the team for their dedication towards their work and end results.

It is evident from the user reviews that the company is offering wonderful services to its clients, which is also clearly visible in its high ratings of customer satisfaction. Other parameters on which the company performed exceptionally well are client retention and repeat business rates, technical expertise in the platforms supported, and UX and UI detailing.

The commendable team of the mobile app development company has created a batch of impressive apps that include Geeking, Voter, AudioJoy, and YoShirt. Furthermore, they don’t just create these amazing apps, they stand by their products and perform a meticulous job of testing and error debunking, in the maintenance phase of the development cycle.

Rademade was established in the capital city Kiev, in the year 2011. Since then, the company has been offering result-driven services in the fields of technical consulting, web development, mobile app development, and UX/UI designing. The specialized services of the company in SaaS, online marketplace, and ERP has built it a distinct reputation in the IT industry, earning it the brands for clients like Canon, Johnson&Johnson, Facewatch, RedFlag, BASF, and Budweiser. However, the major factor, which sets the mobile app development services of the company apart from the others, is the specific process that they follow while handling each project.

The team at Rademade treats each phase of a project as a separate entity. That means a specialized team handles different phases of the development, including the analysis of the project’s requirements, UX/UI designing, layout development, front-end and back-end development, QA, and maintenance & support. This detailed process, which is possible only because of the presence of experienced and specialized teams, ensures quicker turnaround time and top-notch quality of the end-product.

For this process to reach its maximum level of advantage, use of ideal stack of technologies is important. The company has made sure to take care of this factor as well, by using well-developed and advanced technologies namely AngularJS, Node.js, Backbone.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, MarionetteJS, Karma, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, Elixir, Gulp, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap, SASS, Stylus, Rupture, and Jade.

Exoft was founded in 2013, in the second largest IT hub of Ukraine, Lviv. The IT agency offers specialized services in web development, desktop development, mobile development, QA, and technical support.

The mobile app development services of the company support both native and hybrid platforms, for which they work on the advanced technologies like Telerik AppBuilder, Phone Gap, ionic, Xamarin, and Apache Cordova. Using these technologies, the company has made their services completely scalable. Now the blooming client base of the company includes both enterprises and small businesses like iConnect Consulting, MindYourService, Artz & Kay Pharmacy, Tauros Media, Vitaver, EPR, Faster Table, Ace Health, MYS, ByteBrand, etc.

From the client reviews collected, it was noted that their clients are quite impressed with their in-depth technical expertise and supple working model that aids them in introducing required changes with relative ease. Other than that, the clients also appreciate their open-minded approach with which they accept every complex requirement of a project, and how they care about the success of their client’s project.

Headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine, Sannacode was founded in 2015 by a team of 35+ experts. The company offers services in the field of web development, web design, UI/UX designing, enterprise software development, mobile app development, app management and support, and application testing.

The native mobile app developers of the company for Android and iOS have had a brilliant experience of working for known companies like Samsung, Ericsson, Digi, Chrysler, Avid, etc. It is with sheer dedication and profound expertise in the respective technologies that this team of experienced experts has developed great apps like Pocketbook, Costless, TuneZone, SmartKazakhstan, CooCooLove, Zee, AntiSpam, CardioLife, Space Horizon gaming app, Flyfish 365, Broda, Force Emotion, Bebar and more than 70 other. With this great range of impressive apps, the company has earned equally impressive client reviews that declare them to be professional, excellent, ‘group of experts,' and ‘simply stellar.'

One of the most important features of the company, that also sets it apart from others, is its collaborative approach to solving a project. The team at Sannacode believes that no one can understand the vision of a client better than the client himself. So, they arrange whole of the development process, beginning with the strategy development to UX designing, layout development, QA, deployment, and maintenance services, in coordination with their clients.

The Gradient was established in 2015, in Lviv, with an aim of aiding the growth of startups. A look at their client base makes their determination towards their original goal very clear, that, despite its humongous size, is wholly made up of small businesses and midmarket. To make up for the reliability factor that comes intrinsically with the association of bigger brands, the company focuses on satisfying their clients’ requirement by delivering more than what is expected.

With nine out of ten clients giving them cent percent client satisfaction rating with others committing to above ninety percent of that, it is pretty evident that despite its neoteric position on the market, the company has earned remarkable goodwill for itself. The regular clients of the company appreciate the team for doing more than what is expected of them. Their personalized customer support, dedication towards client satisfaction, and the ability to offer high-level comprehensive services, have earned them the trust of their clients.

Though the company offers a wide array of extensive mobile app development and UX/UI designing, like experience strategy, user research, rapid prototyping, growth hacking, market research, digital branding, etc., their native app development services have garnered some significant attention. Impressive apps and concepts like JaJa Finance (a finance app with mobile-first credit card,) Digital Wallet Platform, and Hotel Bots, have brought the meriting exposure to the team.

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